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With modern means of calculation of chemical processes, equipment for design engineering, the base of research and studies of chemical processes, testing of ejector devices, extensive experience in the implementation of various processes of oil and gas refining, petrochemical industries including their own technologies SAPR-NEFTEORGHIM LLC provides the following services to industrial enterprises, design and research organizations and companies:



I. On the implementation of industrial production:


• preparing technical and commercial proposals;

• develop of initial technical data for designing of production facilities;

• development of design documentation for non-standard equipment and units;

• development, delivery and adjustment of process control systems;

• development of design and working documentation;

• selection and acquisition of equipment;

• supply of equipment of our own original design;

• participation in starting-up, commissioning and adjustment works and trial operation of industrial facilities;

• technical maintenance of the plant in the 1st year of operation.

• optionally in the scope of services may include the supply of other types of equipment and materials and also spare parts set that is determined at the conclusion of the contract on the basis of the specific needs of the Customer.


II. Development and calculation of material (feed stock) balances, flow characteristics of chemical-technological processes of any structure:


• development of production structures of plants, industrial complexes;

• development of technological schemes of units/plants for various products;

• determination of optimal structures of separation units, heat exchange, creation of vacuum;

• calculation of commodity balance sheets of factories, industrial complexes, technological units;

• determination of the characteristics (including thermal physical and transport properties) of material and heat flows of technological units of any structure, flows between units within a plants, industrial complexes;

• thermodynamic and hydraulic calculations of the processes in the column apparatus (distillation, absorption, chemisorption) with the definition of the modes and the basic design parameters for various types of mass transfer devices;

• thermal and hydraulic calculations of heat-exchange equipment of all kinds with the selection of the required design parameters.


III. Design of equipment and units:


• reactors for carrying out exothermic and endothermic reactions;

• adiabatic chemical reactors;

• chemical reactors with intermediate heat exchange;

• ejectors of different types for any active and passive components and any range of parameters;

• units for the supply of liquid in gas streams.


IV. Manufacturing and supplying of equipments designed by SAPR-NEFTEORGHIM LLC:


• ejector of various types of "gas-gas", "liquid-gas", "liquid-liquid";

• blocks for entry of liquid into the gas flow;

• supply of equipment of our partners.


V. Supply of the catalysts designed by SAPR-NEFTEORGHIM for:


• aromatization of hydrocarbons C2, C3, C4; C5+;

• oligomerization of unsaturated hydrocarbons C3-C4;

• hydroisomerization straight-run gasoline fractions.


                                                                                                     Guarantees and commitments:


During the year after commissioning of the delivered processing unit/plant (complex) and technological control systems SAPR- NEFTEORGHIM LLC provides technical assistance with technology setup and developed software.




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