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Specialists of the company SAPR-NEFTEORGHIM LLC are on the market of technologies of oil refining and gas processing, petrochemical industry since 1996, performing the works on creation technologies in the field of oil and gas processing with the further implementation of established processes in industrial scale.




- the original technologies of oligomerization, aromatization of light hydrocarbons, hydroisomerization straight-run gasoline fractions in the mixture with oxygenate in high-octane components of gasoline, zeolitic reforming, hydrodewaxing of waxy condensates, purification of gas condensates from methanol, catalytic reforming, hydrotreatment of diesel oil, kerosene-gasoil fractions, complex processing of associated petroleum gas; and together with partners also processing of natural gas to methanol, synthetic gasoline, etc.;


- original equipment: reactors for carrying out endo- and exothermic processes, ejectors of "liquid-gas", "gas-gas", "liquid-liquid", mixing devices, changeover devices for safety valves;


- experience in implementation of various processes of oil and gas processing and petrochemical industry: atmospheric distillation, atmospheric & vacuum distillation, electrical desalting & atmospheric distillation, catalytic reforming, oligomerization, low-temperature separation, deethanization, stabilization, separation of various mixtures, vacuum systems, thermal-oxidative cracking of fuel oil, etc.;


- experience in the development of technological schemes of oil refining and gas processing complexes, including a deep oil refining, petrochemical complexes based on the use as feedstock of light hydrocarbons, gas processing facilities, including processing of gas and gas condensates;


- original catalysts for oligomerization, aromatization, processing of the synthesis gas into the isomerizate.


Industrial production of catalysts for oligomerization, aromatization of SAPR-NEFTEORGHIM LLC is carried out both in Russia and in the European Union.


The inventions of SAPR-NEFTEORGHIM LLC are protected by more than 60 patents of the Russian Federation and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).


In its activities SAPR-NEFTEORGHIM LLC closely cooperates with many scientific-research institutes, engineering and design organizations and companies both in Russia and abroad.




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